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Canvas: Panopto

With Panopto you can upload, record, organize, edit and share media content.

Panopto-guides for USN

Panopto in Canvas

Panopto can be found in Canvas in the course menu on the left.  

Panopto som menypunkt i Canvas


In Panopto, the content is organized into folders.
You always have access to your own folder (My Folder).

Each course in Canvas has its own folder in Panopto, where instructors and students have access.
You choose folder via the folder selector at the top:

Viser du må trykke på mappe-ikonet for å velge mappe

If you want to see other course folders than the one you are in, click on the small black arrow in front of 'Canvas'. This will bring up all your Canvas courses. 

Trykk på pila foran Canvas for å få fram emnemappene du har tilgang til

New content

When you have found the folder whre you want to add new content:
Upload or record new content via the Create button.

Trykk Create-knapp for å legge til nytt innhold

The most common choices are:

  • Panopto Capture to take a new screen recording.
  • Upload media to upload media files from your computer.

Panopto Capture og Upload Media er de vanligste valgene