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Canvas: SpeedGrader - The teacher’s assessment tool

SpeedGrader is the teacher’s tool for viewing and assessing assignments.

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SpeedGrader can be found linked to the assignment you are to assess in Canvas: Skjermbilde hvor er SpeedGrader i Canvas

Screenshot showing where SpeedGrader is found in Canvas 

Go to “Assignments” in the Course Menu, click on the assignment you are to assess and click on “SpeedGrader” in the menu on the right. 


Skjermbilde av SpeedGrader i Canvas

Screenshot showing SpeedGrader in Canvas 


  1. The names of students will be found on the top right. Click to view a list of all students on the course.  
    1. Students whose names in the list are in grey type have not submitted the assignment. 
    2. Student whose names are preceded by an orange dot have submitted, but have not been assessed. 
      Numbers to the left of students’ names also indicate the number of assignments assessed (graded) and the number submitted. 
  2. You specify the assessment based on what type of assignment you have created (“Complete/incomplete”, “Points”, etc.). 
    Type any comments in the comment field. Remember to click on “Submit”. You may also add a file containing comments or record an audio or video file directly. If you have created an assessment guide for the assignment, you will be able to open it here.  
  3. You may also make comments directly in the student’s assignment if the assignment is submitted as a Word file. Click on the symbols to the right of the cursor symbol on the top right to view different formats for comments. 
  4. By clicking on the “eye” icon on the top right of the page you may hide results and comments that have already been entered. . 
    It is advisable to do this at the outset if you want to hide the assessments while assessment is in progress

Students may view the teacher’s comments by: 

  • Clicking on “Assignments” in the Course Menu 
  • Clicking on the specific assignment 
  • Clicking on “Submission details” in the menu on the right.