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Pedagogical development

Do you want to test a new learning approach in your subject? Or get advice as to how to teach online? eDU is offering personalised guidance to all academic staff at USN.


How can we be of assistance?

eDU is working to develop university pedagogy. In particular, this means that we can advise you and your colleagues in the following fields related to teaching development and quality in education:

  • Learning and subject design
  • Student active learning both on campus and online
  • The use of digital tools in teaching
  • R&D and innovation projects focusing on quality in education
  • Collegial guidance

If you have any questions on issues that are not covered by the topics listed above, contact us and we will work together to find the answers.

Who at eDU offers pedagogical guidance?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have an idea about a project that addresses pedagogical development. Send an e-mail to, or directly to one of the following:

  • Stine Bergman Olsson: OLA, facilitation and student active learning
  • Caroline Cruaud: game-based learning, immersive technologies and student active learning
  • Fazilat Siddiq: professional digital competence, learning design, student active learning and R&D linked to teachers’ individual activities
  • Øyvind Standal: student centred teaching and learning, design and development of curricula, and practitioner research
  • Anna Therese Steen-Utheim: assessment and feedback literacy, student active learning environments, faculty peer mentoring
  • Hanne Viken: OLA, facilitation and student active learning