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Canvas: Why student activity?

Canvas provides several opportunities to activate students outside of regular teaching, i.e. in asynchronous learning.

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What do you want to achieve? 

Think through what you want to achieve through the activities: 

  • What are the students to take away when the activities are completed? 
  • What will you as the teacher take away? 
  • What technical level shall the activities be at? 

General remarks about student activities in connection with learning 

There are many different ways to arrange students’ learning.

The report  "Quality in Norwegian Higher Education" fra NIFU (2015) indicates that the organisation of teaching and the design of learning activities are of considerable importance for what students learn and how. 

The report emphasises that the following can have a positive effect on students’ learning: 

  • More frequent feedback
  • More emphasis on interaction between teachers and students 
  • Variation in teaching methods: 
    • seminars enabling exploration of teaching content 
    • oral presentations 
    • literature reviews 
    • discussion and reflection 

Read more on eDU’s resource pages about general student activity in teaching and learning.