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Canvas: Group assignment

Group assignments test the students’ ability to collaborate and reduce the number of assignments a teacher must assess.

To make an assignment a group assignment 

Define group assignment when you create the assignment:

Skjermbilde Canvas lage gruppeoppgave

Screenshot showing creation of a group assignment in Canvas 


  • Group assignment settings: Tick “This is a group assignment”  
  • Decide whether each student shall be assessed individually or the group assessed collectively 
  • If you have already created a group set in the course, you may select this group for the group assignment or click on “New group set” to create a new group set. 
  • If no group set already exists for the course, the option to create a new one will appear automatically: 

Create a group set 

Skjermbilde opprette gruppesett i Canvas

Screenshot showing creation of a group set in Canvas 

  • Type a name for the group set 
  • Specify “self sign-up” or not 
    • NB: If you allow self sign-up for a group assignment, it is important to terminate self sign-up before students can begin to submit the assignment, i.e. before the “Available from” date for the assignment.
    • You should create a number of groups when you specify self sign-up, rather than specifying the number of students per group 


Group structure 

  • Assign the students to groups (by way of number of groups or number of students per group), or choose to do this later. 
  • If necessary choose to appoint a leader of the group. 
    This is optional. 
    A group assignment has a leader who shall submit the assignment on behalf of the group. Without a leader, all members are allowed to submit, but when one has done so, the assignment is recorded as submitted.  

Editing groups 

  • Go to “People” in the Course Menu and click on the group set by clicking on the correct tab. 
  • View the allotment of students or create groups and allot the students now. 
  • In any case you may modify a group set as follows: Click on the arrow to the right of the group number and drag students between groups or into groups from “Unassigned Students”.Screenshot showing how to edit a group set in Canvas skjermbilde hvordan redigere gruppesett i canvas
  • You may also edit the group set by clicking on the dot menu on the top right and selecting “Edit”. Here you may, for example, remove the self sign-up option.

How shall the group assignment be submitted? 

  • A group assignment shall be submitted through “Assignments” in the Course Menu, in the same way as for individual assignments. 
  • If the group has a group leader, this person shall submit the assignment. 
  • If there is no group leader, anybody in the group may do so. 
    When one person has submitted, the group is recorded as having submitted. . 

Group assignment with peer review 

It is possible to combine group assignments with peer assessments.  

Here you are shown how to do this.