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Canvas: Quizzes - More possibilities

A quiz is a collection of questions that can be marked automatically. It is an effective way to get feedback regarding students’ learning progress.

Why use quizzes? 

In addition to assignments Canvas enables teachers to create quizzes. 

The questions can be of the following types: 

  • True/false
  • Multiple choice
  • Find a pair that belong together
  • Brief answers in free text
  • Variations on interactive questions.  

Quizzes may be marked automatically and result in automatic, pre-written feedback to students.  

Several short tests or quizzes can contribute to making asynchronous learning more exciting, and at the same time such tests encourage students to think through what they have learnt. It is, for example, possible to make tests compulsory but with relatively low pass requirements. In this way all students become involved, but a quiz is not felt to be an obstacle. 

Select the correct version of Quizzes 

When using Quizzes in Canvas for the first time, you must specify as a setting in the course that you use the right version of quizzes: New Quizzes 

  • Go to “Settings” 
  • Select the “Feature Previews” tab 
  • Find “New Quizzes” and change the state to “Enabled” 

Next time you create a quiz, you must confirm that you want to use New Quizzes.  Tick “Remember my choice for this course”. Now you will not need to tick the box every time you create a quiz. 

How to create a multiple choice quiz 

  • Click on “Quizzes” in the Course Menu 
  • Click on “+ Quiz” at the top right 

skjermbilde opprett ny test

Screenshot showing creation of a new quiz 

In the screen that is displayed you can create the framework for the test. 
This resembles the display when you create an assignment: 

  • Enter a name for the quiz  
  • Select “Display grade as”: Points 
  • Enter “Assign to” with the correct dates 
  • Click on “Build” at the bottom right 

skjermbilde opprette ny test i canvas

Screenshot showing creation of a new quiz in Canvas 

In the next display: 

  • Type any instructions applying to the whole quiz 
  • Click on “+” to commence creating questions 

skjermbilde bygg test i Canvas

Screenshot showing building a quiz in Canvas 

You have many options for creating questions.  Useful ones may be “Multiple answer” (if several are possible), “Ordering” (e.g. a timeline), “Matching” (several synonyms) etc. 

We choose “Multiple choice”, where only one answer is correct. skjermbilde spørsmålsmuligheter i tester i canvas
Screenshot showing types of questions in quizzes in Canvas 


  • Type in a question (in the title box) and if necessary a detailed explanation of the question below. 
  • Type in alternative answers and indicate which is correct. 
    • You can add more answers by clicking on “+ Answer” or you may delete answers if you want fewer than the standard four by clicking on the waste bin. 
    • To the right of each alternative you can enter a comment that appears if this alternative is selected. 
  • You can also add comments for correct answer, incorrect answer and/or a general comment. This can be done at the bottom left. 
  • You can enter the questions you create in an element bank, from which you can retrieve questions at a later date. If you haven’t created an element bank you can do it directly here. . 
  • At the bottom of the page you can specify the number of points for a correct answer before clicking on “Done”. 

Now click on “+” to create the next question. skjermbilde skrive spørsmål i tester i CanvasScreenshot showing creation of questions in quizzes in Canvas