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eDU (Unit for Digitalisation and Education) works to address issues related to learning, teaching and assessment in our digital world. We focus primarily on development and we work in close dialogue with USN’s teaching community.

eDU offers its specialist skills and expertise in learning to staff at USN in our digital world. Fundamentally, we address issues related to university pedagogy – in other words, ‘learning at university level’. Our aim is to focus on how teaching can be carried out effectively in a variety of contexts.
eDU operates with so-called hybrid expertise. Our 18 employees have teaching experience, and high levels of pedagogical awareness and digital competence. We are research-oriented and many of our employees have scientific backgrounds (PhD or equivalent).

  • We offer advice on issues related to learning, teaching and assessment, and support all staff at USN in their efforts to develop carefully prepared learning designs.
  • We initiate development projects and monitor new trends emerging in the sector. Our aim is to focus on trends and methods, and to highlight opportunities and pitfalls.
  • We offer media production for teaching purposes and ensure the efficient functioning of USN’s learning platforms.
  • We try to act as bridge-builders between all staff communities at USN and to promote experience sharing, so that the results of quality education projects at all scales can be shared and disseminated.
  • We also assist professional managers to address strategic issues linked to the development of quality education, such as by contributing to study programmes.

eDU is here for you, and we learn something new every day. So, if you think that we can help you with an idea or a specific issue, do not hesitate to get in touch for a pleasant chat.

Svend Andreas eDU
Svend Andreas Horgen
Head of Section

Bara eDU
Barbora Klocová
Higher Executive Officer
dot  Creative filmmaker
dot  Audio and video production
dot  Photography


Bjarne Nærum
Senior Adviser
dot  Mediasite / Panopto
dot  Canvas and DLR
dot  Universal design

Bjørn Ivar eDU
Bjørn Ivar Nilsen Haugdal
Senior Engineer
dot  Live production, streaming of conferences and events
dot  Technical counselling on audio and video production
dot  Audio and video production


Camilla Flatøy
Camilla Flatøy
dot  Canvas
dot  Teams
dot  Open Badges

Caroline eDU

Caroline Cruaud
Associate Professor
dot  Playful learning
dot  Student active learning
dot  VR/AR in education

Cecilie A eDU

Cecilie Aurvoll
Assistant Professor
dot  Flexibility
dot  Student active learning
dot  Learning design


Daria eDU
Daria Kalashnikova
dot  Audio and video production
dot  Counselling on equipment for media production
dot  Live production, streaming of conferences and events

Espen eDU
Espen Smith-Meyer
dot  Canvas
dot  Nettskjema
dot  Attendance registration
Fazilat eDU
Fazilat Siddiq
dot  Digital competence
dot  Teaching design
dot  Collaborative and student active learning


Hanne edU
Hanne Viken
Assistant Professor
dot  OLA program
dot  Student active learning
dot  Facilitation
Kristian eDU
Kristian Joakim Ludvigsen
Senior Adviser
dot  Technical and pedagogical counselling
dot  Teaching systems
dot  GDPR
Paal eDU
Paal B. Solhaug
Higher executive officer
dot  Zoom
dot  Podcast


Stein Ivar eDU
Stein Ivar Ingebrigtsen
dot  Audio and video production
dot  TV Illustrations
dot  Counselling on equipment for media production
Stine eDU
Stine Bergman Olsson
Senior Adviser
dot  OLA program
dot  Student active learning
dot  Study groups
Sven eDU
Sven Kjetil Haaø
Senior Adviser
dot  Mediasite/ Panopto
dot  Canvas


Vahid eDU
Vahid Anari Tafti
dot  Zoom
dot  Mentimeter
dot  Panopto