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Can I participate in a meeting without using Zoom Client? 

Yes. Click on the link to the meeting and the following will be displayed: 
Bli med i møte uten Zoom-klient

Click on "Join from Your Browser". You will then enter the Zoom meeting without using Zoom Client. 
How can I invite participants from outside USN? 

When you have planned online teaching in Canvas, you will find the link by clicking on "Zoom" in the Course Menu, followed by "Upcoming Meetings". Click on the Topic of the meeting and you will find the link displayed before "Invite Attendees".

Copy the link and send it by e-mail to the external participants. 
Kopiere lenke til Canvas-Zoom-møte

Hint! You will also find planned meetings in your Zoom-profil, where you can obtain a meeting link and send to external participants. 
Can I invite new participants to a meeting which has begun?  

Click on arrow besides "Participants" in the toolbar and then click on "Invite"Participants_Invite

You may now invite people from your own institute directly or click on "Copy Invite Link" at the bottom left to share it with others. 

Invitere deltakere inn i møtet

Why does the word “guest” appear after names in the list of meeting participants? 


This indicates that that person has not logged in to Zoom using FEIDE login credentials. 
All teachers and students at USN must log in as a USN user at least once to be able to use their USN user in connection with teaching.
How to remove a participant who is not entitled to be at a meeting? 

 Open the list of participants and hold the cursor over the name of the unwanted participant. Click on "More" ​​​​​​and then select "Remove" 

How many participants can I have in a Zoom meeting?

All students and staff at USN are licensed for up to 300 participants in a Zoom meeting. 

It is possible to get the license for larger meetings: Up to 500 participants and up to 1000 (Zoom webinar). Contact if you need larger license. 

Can I register attendance in Zoom?

Yes, that is possible. 

See Attendance registration in Zoom .