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Planning a Zoom meeting in Microsoft Outlook

To plan a Zoom meeting directly in Microsoft Outlook you must download the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook.


After downloading the plugin you must restart Microsoft Outlook. A new Zoom meeting icon will now be visible in your calendar:

Simply click on this to plan a meeting:


  • Meeting ID: It is recommended to choose "Generate Automatically", NOT Personal Meeting ID
  • Video: You may choose whether participants are to enter the meeting with their web cameras on or off. After the meeting starts, they are able to switch their cameras off or on.
  • Audio: Always select "Computer Audio".
  • Advanced Options:
    • Enable Waiting Room: Participants must wait in the waiting room until allowed in by the Host.
    • Enable join befor Host: Participants may enter the meeting before the Host arrives.
    • Mute Participants upon entry: Participants enter the meeting muted. They can unmute themselves.
    • Only signed-in users can join the meeting: Participants must log in to Zoom to have permission to participate in the meeting.
    • Automatically record meeting on the local Computer: This function is blocked in accordance with GDPR restrictions.
    • Force include Join URL in location field: Participants see the link as a meeting location.
    • Insert Zoom meeting invitation above existing text: Participants see the standard invitation message at the top of their screens.
    • Select a language for meeting invitation: Norwegian is not yet available.
    • Alternative Hosts: When you choose one or more active Hosts, the first to log in to the meeting will become the Host and the second Co-host.