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Zoom as a meeting tool

What should I do?

Zoom meeting

Before the meeting 

Download Zoom Client

Download "Zoom Client for Meetings" directly at

It should only be downloaded using this link.

skjermbilde last ned zoom klient

After downloading you will find it in the program list:


Zoom på pc

Click on the image to enlarge it

  1. Click on the start button. 
  2. Programs are sorted alphabetically. Scroll down to Z.
  3. Click on the blue Zoom button.


skjermbilde zoom på Mac

Click on the image to enlarge it

  1. Click on Launchpad. 
  2. Click on the blue Zoom button.


Hint! In the Zoom Client settings you can choose to have the client start automatically when you log on to the computer. This may be practical if you often use Zoom. 

Log in once to activate your USN User


Planning a Zoom meeting via Outlook

To plan a Zoom meeting directly in Microsoft Outlook, you must first download the Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook.

  1. If Microsoft Outlook is open, you must first close the program.
  2. You will find the Zoom Plugin in ‘Software Center’. 
    You can search for this in Windows or find it on Desktop:

 Software Center


  1. Search for the Zoom Plugin in ‘Software Center’:
    Software Center
  2. Click on Install:
    Software Center
  3. Start Outlook.

NB: If you are not using a USN computer, you can download


Planning a Zoom meeting using Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook calendar and click on ‘Schedule a Meeting’:
    Outlook Plugin
  2. Sign In using SSO/FEIDE.
    Outlook Plugin
  3. Select the meeting settings*:
    Outlook Plugin
  4. Select Recipient(s) and send the invitation:
    Outlook Plugin


*Meeting settings:

  • Meeting ID. It is recommended that you select ‘Generate Automatically’, not ‘Personal Meeting ID’.
  • Video: You can choose whether participants join the meeting with their web cameras on or off. After the meeting starts, they are able to switch their cameras off or on.
  • Audio: Always select ‘Computer Audio’.
  • Advanced Options:
    • Enable Waiting Room. Participants must wait in the waiting room until allowed in by the Host.
    • Enable Join before Host. Participants may join the meeting before the Host arrives.
    • Mute Participants upon entry. Participants join the meeting muted. They can unmute themselves.
    • Only signed-in users can join the meeting. Participants must log in to Zoom to have permission to join the meeting.
    • Automatically record meeting on the local computer. This function is locked in compliance with GDPR regulations.
    • Force include Join URL in location field. Participants see the link as a meeting location.
    • Insert Zoom meeting invitation above existing text. Participants see the standard invitation message at the top of their screens.
    • Select a language for meeting invitation. Norwegian is not yet available. 
    • Alternative Hosts: When you choose one or more active Hosts, the first to log in to the meeting will become the Host and the second Co-Host.
Using Zoom Channel to work together (inhouse and with external parties)

A Zoom Channel gives you a permanent location in which to write messages to any member of the channel.
The text can be read later by those wishing to catch up, find shared links, etc.
You can also hold joint video meetings. This is particularly useful for researchers, work experience tutors and similar groups who have a lot of external contacts.

  • Click on ‘Chat’ in your Zoom Client (you first have to log in): 


  • Select ‘Channels’ from the left-hand menu and click on ‘+’:

Zoom Channel

  • Select ‘Create a Channel’. You can add anybody who has an e-mail address.
  • You can write in shared chats or click on the camera icon (small square at the top) if you want to have a video conversation.

NB 1: You may also invite external participants to a standard Zoom meeting, but to do this you must not select ‘Only authenticated users can join: Sign in to Zoom’ when planning your meeting.


NB 2: If external users are unable to download Zoom Client because of their respective company’s/organisation's policy, they may join a meeting via Zoom web client:


During the meeting

Using toolbar in meeting as Host

This content is currently under construction

Using toolbar in meeting as Participant 

Deltakerfunksjoner i Zoom

A participant has access to the following functions:

  • Mute / Unmute: Switch the microphone off and on.
    • Volume control (click on the ^ arrow beside the Mute / Unmute icon) allows you to adjust the microphone and speaker Zoom

Hint: Use the following keyboard shortcut for Mute / Unmute. 

  • Windows: Alt + A
  • Mac: Shift + Command + A


If required

Roller og Rettigheter (text in norwegian)
Ta opptak av undervisningen (text in norwegian)
Bruke Breakout Rooms (text in norwegian)