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Guide to functions for Host/Co-host

A teacher who starts a Zoom meeting is assigned the role of Host

Zoom hostfunksjoner



The Co-Host-function enables the Host to share Host rights with another user, so that the Co-host can perform management functions in the meeting, such as managing participants or starting/stopping recording.

The Host must appoint a Co-host. There is no limit to the number of Co-hosts that can be appointed.

To assign the Co-host role the Host must use the mouse to point to the name of the person in question and click on "More", followed by "Make Co-host":


The Co-host does NOT have access to the following controls, since they are only accessible as Host controls in a meeting:

  • Conclude the meeting for all participants.
  • Make another participant Co-host.
  • Start Breakout Rooms or move participants from one Breakout Room to another (the Co-host can move between various Breakout Rooms).
  • The Co-host may not start a meeting. If the Host needs others to be present in order to start a meeting, he/she may assign an alternative Host role while planning an online teaching session in Canvas.