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Attendance registration in Zoom

Zoom can register who was in attendance in a meeting. Anybody logged in to Zoom as a USN user will be registered automatically

For Zoom to register attendance the Host must tick the "Registration:Required" box when an online teaching session is planned in Canvas.

  • Participants who are logged in to Zoom as USN users will not notice anything.
  • Participants who are NOT logged in as USN users (such as guest participants) must register when they click on the "Join" button:


Accessing a report:


  • Select "Registration Report" as "Report Type" under "Meeting Report", select search dates and click on "Search". Find the meeting in question and select "Generate":


  • Select "All Registrants":


  • Wait for the process to complete:


  • Download the file:


  • The file is in .csv format and can be opened in Microsoft Excel:


To arrange the data in columns in Excel:

  1. Highlight Column A by clicking on "A"
  2. Select the "Data" page tab and "Text to Columns"
  3. Select "Delimited" for data type/file type
    Text to Column
  4. Select "Comma" as delimiter and click on "Finish"

    Comma delimiter

Now all text selected imported to Column A will be imported into single columns based on the use of commas as data separators.