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Guide to functions for participants

When you join a Zoom meeting as a student or guest you are considered a participant.

Deltakerfunksjoner i Zoom

A participant has access to the following functions:

  • Mute / Unmute: Switch the microphone off and on.
    • Volume control (click on the ^ arrow beside the Mute / Unmute icon) allows you to adjust the microphone and speaker Zoom is currently using on the computer and to access all audio settings.
      Hint: Use the following keyboard shortcut for Mute / Unmute. 
      • Windows: Alt + A
      • Mac: Shift + Command + A
  • Start / Stop Video: Switches the camera on or off.
    • Video control (click on the ^ arrow beside the Start / Stop Video icon): Switch cameras if you have more than one, select a virtual background or USN logo, or access the full range of video settings.
  • Participants: See who is participating in the meeting 
    Read more about the list of participants.
  • Chat: Open the chat window to talk with participants
    Read more about chat in Zoom
  • Share Screen: Start screen sharing
    Read more about screen sharing here.
  • Record: Host must give you permission to record Read more about record in Zoom here .
  • Reactions: Give feedback by using reactions in Zoom. 
    If you don't have the same options as others in the meeting have, e.g. To raise your hand, you need to update your Zoom client to a newer version.
  • Leave Meeting: Leave the meeting while it continues for the other participants.